Saturday 7 December 2019

  • ORE 18:00 – VJ set live with IONSEA

  • ORE 20:00 – Visual Music from emerging artists in partnership with RUFA


  • ORE 22:00 – Ingenieria Liquida by IONSEA 




Sasha Vreca is a Montréal-based visual artist working in media art and installation, his research focuses on the relationship between video, space, interactivity and immersivity. As a visual artist he strives to push the boundaries of film and media art through installations works and the use of new technologies to develop new perspectives and experiences for the audience.

Originally trained as a 3D Artist, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts form the University of Ottawa. In 2013 his university synthesis exhibition grants him the Daimon Prize for Media Arts and the following year his solo show “Foreign Sky” is featured at the contemporary art center AXENEO7 as emerging artist of the year. He presents a performative A/V project under the moniker IONSEA, showing in galleries and festivals such as Mutek, Electric Fields, & FOE. Presently he maintains his practice in multimedia while holding a professional career as an art director in Montreal’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, working on projects for Moment Factory, Ubisoft, Broadway, Childish Gambino & Celine Dion to name a few. 

Massimiliano Frateschi

Massi Frateschi, was born in Bari in 1987, approaches the music ad self-taught with vinyls and cdj, also guitar, piano and later as performer and sound maker. As eclectic artist he’s working on his installations with various techniques, from lighting to visual art and sound sampling through chemical processes or collected sound on the street. Its genre varies from ambient, vaporwave to melodic techno-ethnic. He is now in a new project process -Mela Q- and he is the founder of the mmx prodject, born in Italy from the meeting with other DJ producers in 2008.

Description of the project mmx:
Mmx project is my musical project born in 2008, which offers a mixed genre of electronic music, usually the performance starts with an Ambient concert and Deepblue, played with ableton live sometimes accompanied by an electric guitar or more instruments and microphones. In the second part the music evolves through a very simple controller midi-mixer in a set that can vary from Electro and Electronics up to Tecno according to the type of the evening. This second part consists of mixing personal pieces with music by other artists freely available. This project was born in Bari, from the idea of some different Djs and Producers and was then exported to Rome.